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Watch I am Mantra with Courtney (11min)

Watch I am Mantra with Courtney (11min)

I am Mantra with Courtney (11min)

Release & Rejuvenate Meditation Bundle • 10m

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  • Object Meditation with Courtney (17min)

    This meditation practice asks you to incorporate a small object (small enough to roll around in your hand) of your choosing. In this exercise, the selected item serves as an anchor point that helps you to repeatedly return to the present moment.

  • Mental Decluttering with Courtney (15...

    We are constantly taking in and holding onto experiences from our environment. Often, the events that we replay the most are the ones that bring us down and perpetuate self judgement. This practice creates intentional space to notice and clear out the clutter, maintaining only the elements that f...

  • Revitalizing Breath with Courtney (7min)

    This Kundalini breath practice directs your focus to the present moment as you take quick, sharp inhales to the count of 4 or 8 and slow, softening exhales. A breath practice like this can help you wake up in the morning or re-energize mid-day.