Foundations of Flow: Backbends & Meditation

Foundations of Flow: Backbends & Meditation

Are you looking for space in your Camel pose and stability in your Wheel? Do backbends feel inaccessible or pinched? Or do you start to feel antsy when class begins to slow down, finding it difficult to settle into stillness in your body or your mind? This Foundations of Flow workshop is for you!

In this interactive 60 minute workshop, Ashley will introduce us to the backbends in the Igniting section of Journey Into Power, taking us from foundation to lift as we move through poses from Locust to Wheel. We will look at building a backbend practice from the ground up, for yogis who are just beginning, and how to take it to the next level, for experienced yogis who are looking for a new challenge. We'll spend time talking about the entirety of the Igniting sequence as well - what it brings to a Power Vinyasa class and how it builds to a peak fire. Along with stoking this flame, we'll also slow it down to study the building blocks of a meditation practice. We'll discuss the essential role that stillness can play in your flow, juxtaposing effort and ease to bring you full circle in just 60 minutes. Bring your questions and look forward to a fun discussion and breakthroughs in your own practice!

This event will be live-streamed on FlyDog Online at 12:00pm EST on Saturday February 20, 2021. It will be available to watch on demand for 24 hours after the live-stream airs.

This workshop is the second of a three part Foundations of Flow series - join us also for:
Balance Poses and True North Alignment on February 13th with Caroline
Grounding and Sun Salutations on February 27th with Emily

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Foundations of Flow: Backbends & Meditation

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