Release & Rejuvenate Meditation Bundle

Release & Rejuvenate Meditation Bundle

This bundle provides 8 guided meditation videos from Courtney that invite you to step outside of your daily routine, check-in with your inner-state and recalibrate. These practices will support you in calming your nervous system, allowing excess tension to be released and your energy restored. Oftentimes the best way to show up fully for others is to care for yourself first.

Release & Rejuvenate Meditation Bundle

8 Videos

  • 4-7 breathing with Courtney (12min)

    The breath that we practice in this video has been likened to the natural breathing rhythm that accompanies deep sleep. 4-7 breathing has the ability to bring your internal state into a place of calm, where your nervous system can reset and physical or mental tension can be released.

  • Anchoring Reset with Courtney (13min)

    This meditation incorporates a finger “lock” where you hold opposing thumbs to create a circuit within your body. The finger hold is derived from a Jin Shin Jyutsu practice and has the ability to generate a deeply relaxing and centering effect. This practice can help root you into the present mom...

  • Witnessing Your Thoughts with Courtney (12min)

    In this meditation we will practice noting and witnessing our cyclical thought patterns and emotional charges. The true practice is witnessing without being distracted and pulled out of the exercise itself. Eventually, we will find a rhythm of witnessing the thought and letting it pass by without...

  • I am Mantra with Courtney (11min)

    A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated with the intention of calling in and embodying those properties. The “I am ____” mantra offers you the opportunity to step into your power and uncover your own unique strengths. No need to overthink this, the words will come to you as we move through ...

  • Object Meditation with Courtney (17min)

    This meditation practice asks you to incorporate a small object (small enough to roll around in your hand) of your choosing. In this exercise, the selected item serves as an anchor point that helps you to repeatedly return to the present moment.

  • Mental Decluttering with Courtney (15min)

    We are constantly taking in and holding onto experiences from our environment. Often, the events that we replay the most are the ones that bring us down and perpetuate self judgement. This practice creates intentional space to notice and clear out the clutter, maintaining only the elements that f...

  • Revitalizing Breath with Courtney (7min)

    This Kundalini breath practice directs your focus to the present moment as you take quick, sharp inhales to the count of 4 or 8 and slow, softening exhales. A breath practice like this can help you wake up in the morning or re-energize mid-day.

  • Centering Breath with Courtney (4min)

    This brief meditation practice invites you to slow down and focus on what is most important, your wellbeing. Two different hand placements are offered for this grounding meditation that has the ability to bring you back into alignment after just 2 minutes of nurturing breathwork.