Unblock Your Power Meditation Bundle

Unblock Your Power Meditation Bundle

As negative charges dissolve, your energy is gradually restored. Use the practices in this bundle to clear out mental clutter, weather strong emotions, and find appreciation for the present moment. Press play and be guided through releasing elements that weigh you down and hold you back from stepping into your power.

Unblock Your Power Meditation Bundle
  • Body Scan with Courtney (23min)

    Use the breath to reconnect to the present moment and bring your mind & body back into alignment.

  • Voo Breathing with Courtney (11min)

    Similar to the OM sound, The sound “Voo” sends a deep sense of peace and calm throughout the entire body. This practice serves as a quick reset with lasting benefits.

  • Cord Cutting with Courtney (18min)

    Begin releasing the energetic ties that keep you connected to instances of the past, large and small that weigh you down and hold you back.

  • Present Moment Mantra with Courtney (8min)

    Thich Nhat Hanh inspired mantra meditation - This is a guided mantra meditation intended to bring greater awareness and appreciation for the present moment before you.

  • Clearing the Fog with Courtney (13min)

    This meditation invites you to call attention to an area in your life that has been on autopilot and intentionally clear the metal clutter to revitalize this particular element of your life.

  • Neutralize Negative Charges with Courtney (14min)

    Use this practice to clear negative charges with another person and remember the interconnectedness that links us all together. Everything that you send out to another individual returns to you. You are invited to offer compassion in place of negative charges.

  • Inner Guidance with Courtney (14min)

    Release the need to seek answers outside of yourself. This meditation is designed to outlast the loud voice of the ego (judgement, scarcity mentality, fear...etc) or opinions of others and listen for the words of your higher self (some call this your intuition or inner knowing).

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu Meditation with Courtney (18min)

    This practice uses finger holds from Jin Shin Jyutsu that have the capacity to reset the energetic body and cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

  • Breath of Fire with Courtney (5min)

    A quick, activating Kundalini breath practice that will leave you feeling more alert, and re-energized.